Spring Photos

Spring came early this year, so we’ve had plenty of time to play outside.  Just wanted to share some pictures:


A trip to the Frederik Meijer Gardens complements of Uncle Joel and Aunt Emily

IMG 8843

IMG 8847

IMG 8863

IMG 8866

IMG 8870

IMG 8872

IMG 8883

IMG 8892

IMG 8899

Swimming outside on March 14

IMG 8776

Other photos at home

IMG 8969

IMG 8975

A downtown adventure on a windy day

IMG 8981

IMG 8988

IMG 8991

IMG 9009

IMG 9011

At the John Ball Zoo

IMG 9065

IMG 9079


IMG 9102

IMG 9115

IMG 9116

IMG 9127

Happy Birthday, Madeline!

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Sweet Madeline.  She’s six years old now and turning into such a lovely little lady.  Here are the photos from Madeline’s special day:


First smile of the morning  (We had to wait a few minutes for this.  Even a birthday girl can wake up a tad grumpy.)

IMG 9205

The requested birthday breakfast–Monkey Bread

IMG 9207

One happy sister!

IMG 9208

Getting flowers from Daddy

IMG 9210

The cake Grandma made

IMG 9213

At the table for dinner.  The pizzas were still in the kitchen.  I made a pepperoni & ham pizza, a barbecued chicken pizza and a Mexican cornbread pizza.

IMG 9217

Grandma Mayes and the birthday girl

IMG 9220

IMG 9224

Madeline & Mommy

IMG 9233

The cupcakes I made

IMG 9239

The Tinkerbell cake

IMG 9240

IMG 9241

IMG 9242

Blowing out the candles

IMG 9243

Madeline & Grandma & the Build-A-Bear “fox”

IMG 9246

Madeline’s new monkey and ballet skirt

IMG 9250

Can you count how many different outfits Madeline wore on her birthday?  Two additional outfits weren’t pictured:  a fancy dress-up dress and her pajamas.  Madeline loves to change clothes!