Christmas Pictures

Trying to find the perfect tree

DSC 0520

Here she is!  Meet our Christmas tree, Anna.

DSC 0525

Stringing Popcorn

DSC 0533

Gingerbread House

DSC 0560

DSC 0562

DSC 0569

Christmas Benefit Recital

DSC 0582

DSC 0583


IMG 0060

An early Christmas present

DSC 0590

A White Christmas

DSC 0592

DSC 0594

Christmas morning

DSC 0595

DSC 0602

DSC 0604

DSC 0605

DSC 0614

DSC 0620

Snowman Building

DSC 0647

I’ll post more of my “book” soon.  It turns out Aaron has to help me with some formatting issues, thus slowing down the process.  

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  1. Thanks for the new pictures. As always it brightens up my day to see the fun things that the Kerr family has been doing. Also great pictures for new screen savers.

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